Kidz On The Internet

By Elizabeth Donohue

Published by Blush Online

April 2019


Trashion is defined as, “a term used for fashion items and objects which are created from used, thrown-out and recycled elements.” Created in New Zealand in 2004, the idea is resurfacing amongst young designers who are beginning to look towards ways to move away from the phenomena of fast fashion. Similarly to the 90’s grunge movement, a backlash of the excess and glamour of the 80’s, the aesthetic of trashion is a response to the extremism of pop-culture, exorbitant political exercises of power, technological hyper-realities, and over-stimulation. While trashion might, at times look like streetwear- and it is, in some senses- it is more complex than that. Where streetwear looks to enforce unity of its wearers, trashion looks to enforce individuality.

The editorial, Kidz On The Internet, brings together multiple FIT designers and visionaries who are both commenting on Marsanne Brands’ grunge, oversized pants and tees, mixed with Emerson Isa’s hyper-feminine, brightly colored fitted crop-tops and skirts, complement each other perfectly. Adorned with jewelry from Tinsel by Azka, and unexpected accessories, like Marsanne Brands’ chain necklace with a toy baby on it- the result is messy, collaged, a sense of organized chaos.

That’s not to say that these designers are rejecting social media at all costs- in fact, it’s just the opposite. Kidz On The Internet is inspired by both the aesthetic of trashion, as well as the entrepreneurial movement of young designers taking to social media to both inspire, market, and sell their work. Instagram, originally intended as a social networking site, has increasingly become an e-commerce platform, similar to Poshmark, Depop, and Etsy. What is so interesting, is that these artists are paving a way, learning to live in the increasingly complicated world of social media, navigating calculated algorithms in order to allow their ideas to flourish.

-Elizabeth Donohue, Web Director

Written Editorial

Elizabeth Donohue @lizziedonohue

Styling & Creative Direction

Jenna Carrapezza @jenna_cecilia_

Designers & Accessories

Marsanne Brands @marsannebrands

Emerson Isa @emersonisa

Tinsel by Azka @tinselbyazka


Paulina Pikulinksi @paulinapikulinski


Danielle Parks @facesbydanii


Gozzal Berdimuratova @h0t5ause

Jeffrey Prada-Choy @cripwalking

Mimi Komp @mimikomp